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Friday, September 23, 2011

Exit Bear Stage Right

            In an attempt to prepare for the big stage this Saturday, I figured I would pull up all the stage directions in a Winter’s Tale and list them out (Thanks to I’m going to print these out and take them with me on Saturday and use it as a means to analyze the play. Since the directions leave room for interpretation, I’m curious how the director will portray these directions. So I’ll record the actors come out (i.e. do the characters storm on stage? Is Hermione’s pregnancy played up?)  and try to figure out what the director was trying to imply, how he framed the play. Hopefully, I’ll pick up something.
Act I Scene 1
Location: Palace of Leontes
Characters: Camillo and Archidamus
Directions: Enter Cam and Arch, Exeunt
Act I Scene 2
Location: Palace of Leontes
Characters: Leontes, Polixenes, Herminoe, Mamillius, Camillo, and Attendants
Directions: Enter; Hermione giving her hand to Polixenes; Exeunt Polixenes, Hermione, Attendants; Exit Leontes; Enter Polixenes; Exeunt
Act II Scene 1
Location: Palace of Leontes
Characters: Herminoe, Mamillius, and Ladies
Directions: Enter; Enter Leontes, Antigonus, Lords, and Others; Exeunt Hermione, guards, and ladies; Exuent
Act I Scene 1
Location: Palace of Leontes
Characters: Camillo and Archidamus
Directions: Enter Cam and Arch, Exeunt
[Enter HERMIONE, MAMILLIUS, and Ladies]
[Enter LEONTES, with ANTIGONUS, Lords and others]
[Exit HERMIONE, guarded; with Ladies]
Act II, Scene 2 A prison.
[Enter PAULINA, a Gentleman, and Attendants]
[Exeunt Gentleman and Attendants]

Act II, Scene 3A room in LEONTES’ palace.
[Enter LEONTES, ANTIGONUS, Lords, and Servants]
[Enter PAULINA, with a child]
[Laying down the child]
[Exit with the child]
[Enter a Servant]

Act III, Scene 1 A sea-port in Sicilia.

Act III, Scene 2 A court of Justice.
[Enter LEONTES, Lords, and Officers]
[Enter HERMIONE guarded; PAULINA and Ladies attending]
[Exeunt certain Officers]
[Re-enter Officers, with CLEOMENES and DION]
[Enter Servant]
[Exeunt PAULINA and Ladies, with HERMIONE]
[Re-enter PAULINA]

Act III, Scene 3 Bohemia. A desert country near the sea.
[Enter ANTIGONUS with a Child, and a Mariner]
[Exit Mariner]
[Exit, pursued by a bear]
[Enter a Shepherd]
[Enter Clown]

Act IV, Scene 1Chorus as Time speaks.
[Enter Time, the Chorus]

Act IV, Scene 2 Bohemia. The palace of POLIXENES.

Act IV, Scene 3 A road near the Shepherd’s cottage.
[Enter AUTOLYCUS, singing]
[Enter Clown]
[Grovelling on the ground]
[Picking his pocket]
[Exit Clown]

Act IV, Scene 4 The Shepherd’s cottage.
[Enter Shepherd, Clown, MOPSA, DORCAS, and others, with POLIXENES and  CAMILLO disguised]
[Music. Here a dance of Shepherds and Shepherdesses]
[Enter Servant]
[Exit Servant]
[Enter AUTOLYCUS, singing]
[Exit with DORCAS and MOPSA]
[Exit Autolycus]
[Re-enter Servant]
[Exit Servant]
[Here a dance of twelve Satyrs]
[Exit Polixenes]
[Exit Old Sheperd]
[They, Cam Pet Flor talk aside]
[Re-enter AUTOLYCUS]
[CAMILLO, FLORIZEL, and PERDITA come forward]
[FLORIZEL and AUTOLYCUS exchange garments]
[Giving it to PERDITA]
[Re-enter Clown and Shepherd].
[Exeunt Shepherd and Clown]

Act V, Scene 1A room in LEONTES’ palace.
[Enter a Gentleman]
[Re-enter CLEOMENES and others, with FLORIZEL and PERDITA]
[Enter a Lord]

Act V, Scene 2 Before LEONTES’ palace.
[Enter AUTOLYCUS and a Gentleman]
[Enter another Gentleman]
[Enter a third Gentleman]
[Exeunt Gentlemen]
[Enter Shepherd and Clown]

Act V, Scene 3 A chapel in PAULINA’S house.
[HERMIONE comes down] 3415


  1. That's a really good idea, Eric. There are so few stage directions in comparison to the rest of the text so there is definitely a lot of room for play. It could be taken so many ways and even the most basic stage directions could change an entire character or scene.

  2. I think the two that i'm most interested in are:
    1) Like Brother Burton how do they do the statue scene. Is it obvious?

    2) Do they play the romance of Hermione and Polixenies? Is there something there? Or is the king totaly off his rocker? Also one interesting one would be like you noted is Polixenies really good looking and Leonties not?

  3. Now that we've seen the play it is quite fascinating to look at where the director went with the blocking and artistic choices.

    I think you should definitely run more with this though and do a separate post about what concepts you noticed.