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Friday, October 28, 2011

Romeo and Juliet: THE WAR!!!

    While cruising around cyberspace today, I discovered another interpretation of Romeo and Juliet...

Romeo and Juliet: The War
    Imagine for a moment, a Verona in which the Montagues are butt-kicking cyborgs and the Capulets are genetically enhanced humans and they're duking it's like the X-Men vs. Transformers! or near enough anyway.
    Stan Lee, the creator of X-Men and Spiderman is teaming up with Terry Dougas to create a graphic novel version of Romeo and Juliet. Now, unfortunately this won't be coming out until Nov. 30th, so I won't be able to analyze it for class. But it definitely presents some interesting possibilities for a visually dynamic interpretation of the story. I am curious to see how true it will stay to the original, you know, minus the laser beams and super-powers...
    Hopefully it's not just a lot of hype...let's just say I'm hopeful

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